A guideline to buffets at Lester’s

Bronze / finger buffet.
A selection of sandwiches eg : egg mayonnaise, ham &
tomato, mixed cheese & chive in mayonnaise; tuna &
mayonnaise. Sausage rolls, warm savoury bites, cocktail
sausages & homemade quiche.


Silver/finger buffet.
As above (Bronze), plus chicken wings/drumsticks, gala pie, various
Filled vol e vents, Chinese snacks with a sweet chilli dip.


Gold/fork buffet.
As above (Bronze & silver), plus poached dressed Scottish salmon side/whole.*
And a selection of cold meats, potato salad cole slaw &
Indian snacks with mango chutney.


Dependant on numbers.
For 15 to 20 people Bronze £120, Silver £140, Gold £160.
For 20 to 30 people Bronze £150, Silver £180, Gold £210.
For 30 to 40 people Bronze £200, Silver £240, Gold £280.
For 40 to 50 people Bronze £250, Silver £300, Gold £350.
For 50+ people please discuss options with Barry.


With unlimited coffee & tea at £1.00 per head extra EXCEPT GOLD.

A variation to these buffet ideas or set meals will be available upon